Tie Dye Rosie

111 C Old Evans Road
 Augusta, Georgia 30907
Est. 1996


About Us

Est. 1996! Peace, Love, and Respect.

Tie Dye Rosie in Martinez, Georgia has been keeping the spirit of the 60s and 70s alive since 1996. 

We offer unique and stylish bohemian-inspired clothing, as well as gift and decorative home items that 

you can’t find anywhere else.


Company History

The original Tie Dye Rosie store was established in 1996 at 

Shopper's World in Augusta, GA; after the owner Raquel 

Mendez returned from the anniversary of Wood Stock 

1994. She has been keeping the vibe alive ever since.

Come visit us, all are welcome! Every new customer will get complimentary incense!